Breeding pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigs since 2002

The North Down Flock of Shetland Sheep

We have a small flock of pedigree Shetland Sheep. This rare breed is famous for its fine wool which comes in many natural colours from fawn and gingery brown (known as Moorit) to black and all shades in between.

Sheep with attitude

Shetlands are a very hardy breed, that has changed little since Viking days and for that reason the breed is often classified as primitive. Shetland Sheep display distinctive personalities and behaviour which is often very funny to watch. Members of our flock have been known to steal hats and gloves out of pockets. They also like biting chunks out of any paperwork you might be carrying and will prod you with a hoof if they want some attention. We once had a ram who could open gate latches with his teeth. Happily for us he didn't passed this trick onto the others.

Shetland ewes are excellent mothers and are very protective of their lambs who are often born black and then change colour over the next few months. Shetland lambs are curious about everything and love to nibble things, particularly shoelaces and zips if you happen to sit down within reach. We also have two handsome, rather bouncy pedigree rams; Jaggers and Gus, who are a black Gulmoget and a grey Katmoget.

Oldest Shetland Sheep ever!

Shetlands are very long-lived and our oldest ewe is Waterspark Apricot who is 20 years old and going strong!

This non-commercial, primitive breed produces a leaner meat with a fuller flavour which is low in saturated fats.