Breeding pedigree Gloucester Old Spot pigs since 2002

Pigs for Sale at North Down Farm

We can provide photos of the pigs for sale and will be pleased to answer any enquiries.

Gloucester Old Spot Breeding Gilts and Sows for Sale

We have two pedigree gilts, ready to go to the boar, for sale as either breeding gilts or outdoor pets. They were born on 28 August 2019.

We also have two very friendly pedigree breeding sows for sale. Eliza is three years old and Phyllis is two. Both are fully registered pedigree and both have had successful litters and are excellent mothers. Full details can be provided on request.

All our pigs very friendly, biddable, used to people and easy to handle.

Their pedigree bloodline is Star Antoinette.


Two breeding gilts ready to go to the boar.
Two friendly, good-natured young pedigree sows with proven records of fertility.

Please note that we don't have any weaners for sale.