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Winter is coming, and it's cold

Winter is coming, and it's cold

Frozen spider web with Paddy and Pandora, frozen grass

We're having one harder frost after another at the moment. Even the ice in the water troughs has ice. It's very beautiful outside but the pigs find the frozen ground difficult to negotiate. For all their girth and size pigs have delicate trotters. Some of the retired old lady sows don't think much of the cold at all and are staying in their arks for most of the day. Arks are surprisingly warm when layered with deep straw and a snoring pig or two.

Eleanor Pig had her litter at the end of this month and she kept us all waiting for days and days as well. Seems to be a theme with the sows at the moment. It was so cold that we extra-insulated the maternity quarters with thick blankets behind the window and doors. Her piglets have been stacked on top of each other under their heat lamp. The way piglets pile themselves into a heap is always adorable.

The sheep don't mind the cold, being extremely well insulated by thick and fluffy fleece. If you tuck your cold fingers into it they warm up immediately!

Another sign of impending winter has been the arrival of the fieldfares from Scandinavia. They pal about in huge flocks and feast on the orchard windfalls. Along with large flocks of blackbirds and jackdaws and rooks. So it's quite noisy and busy in the orchard at times.

Weather: a hard frost and fog

Happy New Year
Doves, herons and piglets

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Saturday, 16 February 2019