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Still very hot and sunny

Still very hot and sunny

Drying my Shetland sheep fleeces on the Aga

A quiet but busy few weeks. Spring cleaning apparently takes place in August on this farm! Things have been scrubbed, disinfected, decluttered and organized both inside and outside. The hot, sunny weather continued so there was still daily watering of both the pigs and their wallows and the vegetable garden. There was also the picking of vast quantities of raspberries and blackberries and runner beans! We grow courgettes into marrows as treats for the pigs. There is nothing so comical as a piglet litter squabbling over a marrow. And then gleefully running off with a bit of it.

A lot of the piglets became weaners this month and left for other farms and small-holdings. Pandora and Effie Pigs got some time off from being mums and went into a new grassy paddock to rest.

We have a young pheasant and her brood of chicks living in the paddock next door to Paddy Pig. They are very cute and fluffy and run under the fence into Paddy's paddock at feeding time to pinch bits of his pig nuts.

I've been hand washing fleeces and drying them on the Aga so that I can make some striped rugs in the winter months. Shetland fleeces are very fine and bits of them end up floating all over the farmhouse after they have dried.

Weather: still hot and sunny

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Saturday, 20 April 2019