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Spring means cleaning

Spring means cleaning

A very protective looking Edna Cow, with new-born Fred

Well, the weather calmed back down so I got on with fence painting and outdoor repairs and scrubbing arks and sowing vegetable seeds and pruning. And then I started on indoor spring cleaning including shredding and burning old paperwork. I do love a good bonfire! And I made a lot of greengage cake. There is nothing like tea and cake after a day of hard cleaning. Of course the lawn mower stuttered to an untimely death the second time I used it. I got the mowing finished by sheer will power and hardly any swearing.

Edna Cow had Fred one Friday afternoon with no trouble and a lot of proud maternal booming. Cows are just so happy to be mothers. The cattle herd should go out to grass soon if it continues to grow at this fast rate. The timing is important because if they go out too soon they eat the grass before it can catch up, so to speak.

We're waiting for Patience Pig to farrow and she is being as patient as her name.

The sheep are feeling the spring and certain sheep who shall remain nameless, but I am looking at you, Millie-Moss, have taken to sneaking up behind me and butting me in the bum. It doesn't hurt but it does make you jump.

Weather: morning mist, drizzle, a sunny evening and a fabulous red sunset

Lots of spots, legs and wild flowers
Spring Equinox

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Saturday, 20 April 2019