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Happy New Year

Happy New Year
Edith Pig and her hours-old litter. I like the one climbing over its siblings

Year's end - a time for reflection, but also for all the usual daily farming jobs. Nothing stands still on a farm! The pig paddocks are holding up remarkably well for the time of year. This time last year it was a rather muddy quagmire with gale-force wind. Today it is still firm underfoot, which is good for both pigs and sheep and also for humans carrying straw and hay about. No getting wellies stuck in the mud while trying to balance a pad of straw in your arms.

Elspeth and Edith Pigs both farrowed this month. Elspeth is a first-time gilt and was on time and very calm and relaxed. Edith is a second-time mum who kept us all waiting over a week and was massively grumpy about the whole thing until her litter had been born. Both are really good mothers. We also waved two litters of weaners off to a farm in Somerset and one breeding boar off to North Devon.

And, excitingly, the new mega-tonne feed bin arrived. This was a bit of a chicken and egg thing. Would the new bin fit in the barn? Would the feed lorry be able to make the tight turn into the farm yard to be able to blow the pig feed into the bin? Happily, the feed people agreed to send an empty lorry to try it out before we ordered the bin. The driver arrived in a blaze of lights, turned his massive lorry on a sixpence and announced that it was no problem and gave good advice about the siting of the bin. Fabulous.

Weather: misty and mild

Celebrating Elvira Pig
Winter is coming, and it's cold

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