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Five Things a Pig Mid-wife Needs


Towels are number 4 on the list

1. A chair. Farrowing a pig can take a long time so a comfy, fold-up chair is a necessity while you're waiting. You can move it around if the sow is restless and changing her position. Also reading material – at least until the piglets start arriving.

2. Stationery. A pen and a notebook so you can record the times of new born piglets and their gender and any other noteworthy thing. It can be very helpful to look back and see how the sow behaved at her previous farrowings while you are waiting. These notebooks get grubby though, dropped in the straw, covered in goo….so it's probably a good idea to transfer your note into a clean (!) indoor-only pig diary.

3. A watch. See Stationery. Very useful for knowing if everything is going to the usual time frame, and for recording the piglet arrival times.

4. Towels. Several. Use old ones to dry off the piglet as soon as it's born. Can also double as rugs over the knee if you're sitting in your chair waiting in the freezing hours of a winter dawn.

5. Tea and cake. Or sometimes beans on toast. Essential mid-wife food for when all the piglets are born and settled and all is well, and you're back indoors for a well-earned cuppa.

Being an equal-opportunities pig mid-wife the above also applies to all pig mid-husbands!

Shower baths, fencing, digging and head butting
Five essentials that all pig keepers need

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