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Lots of piglets and a lot of wind

Lots of piglets and a lot of wind
Some of Priscilla's new piglets. Very pretty indeed.
We're getting our breath back after an exceptional month in which three piglet litters were born. The logistics of this took some planning as each mother needs her own maternity quarters and heat lamp. Priscilla Pig gave birth on the same day as Effie Pig. With perfect timing Effie started just after Priscilla had finished. It can take two hours plus for the entire litter to be born. Before that there is usually a period of some hours of nesting and grumpiness which varies from sow to sow. Two weeks after this Pandora Pig had her litter in the middle of Storm Doris. She and her family were well tucked up in the warm and out of the 56 mph wind. I did wrap an extra blanket around her door as extra insulation. That worked really well until two days later when Eliza Pig wandered past and decided to pull it off! Eliza Pig has form for this sort of thing. She thought it was funny to grab my sleeve in her teeth and try and pull me along. Pigs have a very mischievous streak.

Meanwhile as these three litters arrived two more left for their new homes in Devon and Somerset. It's a bit quieter without them!

The farm rooks have moved their rookery again. There are hundreds of them flocking at dawn and dusk. They love the big winds and clearly swoop about for the sheer pleasure of it. I love the rooks and spend a lot of time enjoying their acrobatics as much as they seem to enjoy performing them.

Spring is just about here. The hedgerow daffodils are opening and the birds are singing for longer and the roses are putting out new leaves and I haven't had time to prune them all yet. Eeek.

Weather: windy​

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Saturday, 20 April 2019