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Celebrating Elvira Pig

Celebrating Elvira Pig
Elivra Pig snoozing, aged 12

This has been a quiet month with well-behaved weather and a few atmospheric and pretty frosts. The pig paddocks are still in good condition considering it is the middle of winter. There's even a faint suggestion of green grassy shoots coming up.

Elvira Pig, the matriarch of our herd, died of old age after a long and happy life. She was 12 and we'd had her since she was 8 weeks old. We were sad to see her go as she was a quirky, intelligent pig with a good sense of humour! So we raised a glass of champagne in her honour!

The sheep are looking rather fluffy. Their thick fleeces insulate them against the frosts. A lot of them like to beg treats and eat of our hands. That keeps your fingers warm on a frosty, foggy morning.

We're pleased to say that we have had massive ravens watching us from the trees in the pig paddocks and calling out with a two-tone bell-like sound. They're cawing as well, but the bell sound is much more musical. We have a wealth of wild birds in the fields. There's always something to watch if you're not looking at a pig or a sheep.

Weather: raining      

Lots of piglets and a lot of wind
Happy New Year

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Saturday, 16 February 2019