Traditional breeds naturally reared

Blossom Cow, one of the North Down Devon Ruby herd



Welcome to North Down Farm

Welcome to North Down Farm, a traditional mixed livestock farm in the heart of mid-Devon not far from Exeter and Crediton, where we breed pedigree, rare breed Gloucester Old Spot Pigs to sell as breeding stock or as pigs for you to bring on and finish yourselves. We also keep a small flock of pedigree Shetland Sheep. We recently gave up keeping Devon Ruby Cattle after many years.

The farm is also home to Ernest Pig, who has had a novel dedicated to him by the wonderful author Laurie Graham. Go and read her, she's excellent. The book is 'The Grand Duchess of Nowhere'.
You can follow him on Twitter

All our animals are born on the farm and reared as naturally as possible in a non-intensive, traditional way. This allows them to grow at their own pace, enjoying an outdoor and free-range life. We use rotational grazing and we don't use pesticides. Our only fertiliser comes from the livestock themselves. We believe in giving all our animals the happiest life possible so they are relaxed and stress-free. They are easy to handle, used to people and very friendly.

Gloucester Old Spot pigs:
weaners as breeding stock or ready to finish



Are you looking at me? A pig from the North Down herd of Gloucester Old Spots

A lamb from the North Down flock of Shetland sheep

One of the cows from the North Down herd of Devon Ruby cattle


North Down Farm is a member of the
Gloucestershire Old Spots Pig Breeders Club

North Down Farm is an approved member of the
British Pig Association, helping to promote
conservation, quality and traceability.
North Down Farm is a member of the British Pig Association


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